Friday, October 31, 2014


Didn't you know it was hard for me
  to maintain a catchball in conversation with you ?
 I'm a shy, small guy to begin with

we were at St. Marc,
   and my chocoroll was getting colder
        how stupid was I, that in my mind
   all I could think about was that chocoroll.

you would slowly sip your lemon tea
       I'd imagined too, how'd it taste like, I'm sorry
       that lips of yours now stained with
                        fragrance of citrus

little that I know,
            you were just like me

The City of Owl

It's the city of the first
     when initially happiness would take root
                 I have learned
                      the brilliance of your smile

under the umbrella were us lovers
            transparent as we looked up
         it looks like it'll be a while
                  till the rain stops

complications and future that meant nothing back then
                in the craziness of heated wild souls
                       leaving the city of owl.


Rainbows of Tokyo

the rain will stop
    puddles all over the city
       reflecting rainbow

people will stop and stare
       taking pictures and uploading them
            to instagram and facebook

so more people could know
       that when the storm passed
 shining with the sun are the beauteous double rainbows

Shibuya Monologue

I just didn't realize how lonely I was !
         amongst the crowd at the intersection
         I tread the ground with a vague aim
        I've always known that I love attention
   that I'd learned to dress up, put on some manners
             trying to make friends with people
                         that matter.
and being extremely nice that almost sickening
 it's not bad after all though
           to be the giving hand

I thought I'd known everything, and could do everything
   by myself
           but there are times that I just wanna go haywire
           just like this scramble like crossing
                   for just, a little while of time


when will the flower bloom ?
by the pond of Ueno park
 and the ducks will swim again
with the black Kois, gaping for food

and the bridge would be full of hawkers
smell of warm Oden in the air
    an old guy on the bridge
pointing to a rare catfish he saw

Ameya-Yokocho would be lively
    the kebab guys would've learnt a few new lines
under the JR railroad
   I wonder if the salmon would be good in spring too

ah, how I miss it so much
    every single part
 the rejection, the acceptance and weirdness
    of Ueno town.


the merriment of Nakamise-Dori
     a whistling tune of sparrow, unheard
      beneath the bell
               between the sadness of stone bodies
               I made a wish

so when the dying leaves resurrect
    so when the white land drains away
     and when the sprouts a'green
            when the sakura would bloom

I would be here,
        by your side


I long for a touch of kindness
     as this heart sinks further,
        it gets harder, yet weaker
               and strong at the same time

bring me out from this hunger
            of a world that I recklessly chase
             a splendid front I put
        should shatter to dust
      in a single blow

nevermind that I means no wonder
             I know that very little would I achieve
              since the fight I fight
           is a losing fight,
                       all from the start

Mount Diamond

the vague promise that keeps us together
    that a mountain of diamonds
    it is in that reflected light
    we find peace and hope

within the dark tunnel that goes into the maze
     unlighted, without a guide
            hearing only the footsteps that you left behind
            I make my way

let the memories be the push
      to bring us forward
         and forward
              to the peak of this love


I have envied the sky for long,
   and loved it at the same time
here, there are people who are
      just like me

we were chasing for its contours
    in its hue and depth, endless gradients
        falling in love with the colors
            believing that sunlight has a flavor

when the light rose and sleep,
   we were swayed by the moonshine
       with the mighty song of cicadas,
           in the middle of summer

we were capturing, and meanwhile
    being captivated. we were so far...
         but never felt any closer

Where The Sky Meets The Sea

the sky deck is a long platform
  where the wind is strong
    family members are waving their hands
       to the plane their loved ones are in

 you can see the layers of clouds
         of which colors and beaut I'd forgotten
         and the deep foul color of sea,
       singing mystery

the smell of fuel and sea salt amalgamate
       arriving with the evening breeze
    and the sun hides in delight
        praying for the safety of those
             travelling in his light


sitting by the window,
  gracefully drizzled by sunshine
  of the eyes full of pretentious liveliness
a doll-like figure of yours
     staring at the sky

the train goes past
    the number of houses, throughout the city
    busting out from the cloudy Nagoya
 we can see the sea, from afar

I wonder where you're heading
     and who awaits for your, at the journey's end
       through my sunglasses, stealing a glance,
          a fleeting feeling, of regret and loneliness

just one stop, before the last
     departed into your own world once again
        and I'm into mine,
              towards destined tomorrow


Please cry and fall,
    into my weak arms, over the night
      stop being here, in the world your
               hated so much

it's not like you
to be strong, facing forward day by day
  doing things you don't like

you were a princess
in a small one-room castle of yours
surrounded by countless cute things
   I know you're still collecting them
            even now

Please cry and say
"I want to go back"
   though I might not be your prince
but the twist of fate that I might have
   I'd put you there
in a place that suits you better.

-For my best friend, T

Foreigner 9

stairs that are always making me sigh,
  as I'm holding the complicated map
 it feels different, a little bit today

Marunouchi line train as cramped as always
   finding my way to Shinjuku
     it's always difficult to find
         the right gate out

From Tachikawa to Toyosu
    to Ueno, then Nakano Shinbashi
     in this city where I'm lost in translation,
     it already feels like I'm most at home

And there overlooking the hustle and bustle
        would be the Sky Tree
    by the West Gate, JR Line
            waiting here for the sight of you


what is dark that you speak of
    the quotation of foolish and childish
     impersonation of nonexistent fantasies
       swirling in your mind ?

the ability to seal off,
            unwanted misconducts and fate
            to the very abyss of mind
             while in actuality, that bliss
                       is not even yours



a timeless love is not
  all love die out
withering with cold air
of white winter, losing light

a timeless love exists
within the dusty glass case exiled
 at the very end of
   milky way, and such
      rotating away, and away


Hearty Meal

Stab my heart with a fork,
   and rip it out, throw it
            onto a plate
     season it with the salt from
       my tear glands
              I'm sorry if it doesn't taste good
               in your mouth and tongue
             because blame me for no reason,
          as you are the chef
              who hates your own cooking



severity of madness has lighted upon us
    squares of waves, entrapping
    people's potential into one lump
    of corroding flesh

    and as slowly, the flesh corrode
        sitting right there doing nothing
        was us, seeing and believing
        into the squares of artificial tales
                 quietly laughing to us zombies
                  are them,
                  who made