Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Blue Moon Won't Sing

in the presence of whited eyes
       can you gather the starry sand
       on the long beach of unbecoming wishes

and the blue moon won't sing anymore
       treading the mud is you barefooted
       with your hands clinging close
              to the brittle heart of glass

please keep walking dear you
          though the miles will scar
                   eternally your soul

for somewhere en route
  I'll be there waiting, with your shoes

A Crimson Redemption

What will you tell about fear
      in the eclipse of suddenness
          that you, timeless, visited
       carried away by the conducting life
                   in the street of sorrow

 How will you tell about affection
           in the faze of twilight
           gushing like a severed pipeline
           is your stream of deep
                         red, blood,
                                  a crimson redemption

If I Could

if I could tell you full
   about this uncertainties
           you would never start
                        to hate me

if I could, learn of harshness
   I would be free
       of this despised feeling

like a long thorn inside
       piercing lungs and heart
            I can't be straight

if I could make you glad
   I am staggering
        between cliffs of,


tirelessly wading in the stream of love
   is just another ideal
       he will find , the banks of rusting trust
       to quench his fatigue
                       of swimming day and night

in the 'braces of her affection that was believed in
    Another fold of falsehood,, trapping
        like a sudden waterfall upon the river
               that once blinked,
                      swallowing, crushing


Don't lay me a voice
    dear illusion
            in the space where I smile
            is the fragment of mirage

it is not the same, heart
   that shrouds behind that mist
   is a simple story
        of neverending life .


a finger stain on my jacket
   it was from yesterday's

"hey, isn't your heart beating
        today, too?
        value it, dummy "

but then
      the point she poked me
      still aches even now